Thursday, 5 March 2015

To Infinity and beyond!

Tomorrow I take my plunge back into Infinity.  So tonight I've been doing some touch-ups and cleaning up some scenery.

First up I've got two of the three holo-ads from Micro Arts Studios done.  This is the laser cut MDF with printed acrylic inserts.  I think they look pretty decent but unfortunately I don't have any other matching scenery yet.

Next up I have five of the six figures I need to get my first 120 points done.  I still need to finish up a Fusilier Medic tonight and I will be using the Fusilier Hacker as a regular Fusilier in my first game.

Lastly in prep for gaming with my daughter I had some familiars out on my desk so I could add a fun talking animal to her party.  I decided to paint up a black cat to go on her adventures with her.

That's it for tonight.  Hopefully I'll get that last Infinity fig I need done before I go to bed.



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  2. ...then came the part where I finished the sixth figure and promptly dropped it on my tile floor, snapping a piece off.....and losing it.....