Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Taelor's starting crew done!

This morning I was able to finish up my 2 Desperate Mercenaries to bring my starting Outcast Crew led by Taelor up to 20 Soul Stones.

This is a great start, but as I eluded to earlier I'm actually running a week behind so I need to get the crew up to 30 Soul Stones by Friday.  The easiest way to do this would be to add a Master but I honestly still haven't decided which Outcast Master I want.

So my next addition will be 2 Convict Gunslingers.  I have actually built the Gunslingers out of models from the Through The Breach male multi-part kit for a couple of reasons.  First up; I don't actually feel like the Convict Gunslinger figures work very well with their own background.  The idea that somebody is trying to avoid notice and live free for as long as they can, I can't help but feel they would ditch their prison garb and shackles.  Second; my buddy Stan is also painting those figures and will be doing a better job of it than me so I don't want his figs and mine on the table at the same time being compared (because that won't go well for me).

So hopefully there's another Malifaux update coming tomorrow and then I can get the last couple of figs done I need for my D&D game this weekend.


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