Saturday, 5 March 2016

And our next (two?) Ravenloft NPCs are...

So today I have two more NPCs done, one of whom will definitely appear in the game and one of whom may or may not, I honestly don't know at all.

Liam ApMorten is a Druid who is travelling from one-side of the core back to his "home" in the land of Forlorn.  One of the PCs has been contracted by his church to escort Liam across the core so they will be sharing some adventures together.

The miniature is the Necromancer's Apprentice from  Frostgrave so if I end up starting another Necromancer warband in the future for Frostgrave Liam might make an appearance in that game as well.

The next figure is a flashback to the content of the original I6 Ravenloft module.  The original adventure can basically be thought of as happening in three locations; the lands around Castle Ravenloft including the village of Barovia and the Vistani camp, the lower crypts/dungeons of the castle, and the above ground levels of the castle.  We'll be discussing the first two locations in two future posts but for today we'll be discussing the upper levels.  The upper levels in the original adventure were very off-putting because they swung between classic D&D encounters and some more roleplay-centric encounters.
One of the best loved encounters in the classic module was Cyrus Bellview.  If Strahd Von Zarovich is D&Ds version of Count Dracula Cyrus Bellview is D&Ds version of Renfield.

When the players encountered Cyrus he was typically a Dungeon Master's blank slate to steer the adventure and really play up some of the Gothic horror inspirations that inspired the whole thing.

I don't even know yet whether Cyrus will make an appearance in the new version of the adventure but if he doesn't I'm sure I'll have plenty of uses for a Renfield/Igor type character.


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