Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Our first Ravenloft NPC shows up!

We haven't begun our game yet but I can start showing a few NPCs over the next few days as they are now beginning to appear in the PCs backgrounds and pre-ambles to our actual adventure.

Alica (not Alicia) is a female Ranger who is known to 2 of the 4 player characters in the game.  She is a character who has a long history with 2 of the characters and sets in motion the beginnings of their journey that will eventually take them to the land of Barovia.  She is sort-of/probably originally from Krynn (the setting for Dragonlance) and will hopefully have some of her own backstory fleshed out as the game proceeds.

The figure itself is actually from the Castle Ravenloft board game.  That's actually a funny coincidence because for about two weeks I've been looking for a female ranger figure in my backlog and everything I came across felt not quite right.  I ended up getting out the Ravenloft board game looking for something completely different and had forgotten she was one of the PC models from the game.  As an added bonus she does not look like she would be out of place ass a Treasure Hunter in Frostgrave so she will probably pull double duty.

I also took some time to paint up one of my Gale Force 9 bargain basement finds from my trip to Baltimore last month.  This is an armoured war dog (an armoured dog is something I didn't have) who will probably be jumping into my Frostgrave warband the next time Terror bites the dust to put an end to the endless recycling of the same dog model.

My next update will be somewhat speculative as I will be presenting our next known NPC for our Ravenloft game and somebody who may or may not (I honestly don't know) be another NPC.


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