Monday, 21 March 2016

Some more scatter terrain

I got two more sets of the Color-ed scenery from Plast Craft Games assembled/done last night while watching TV.

These are both smaller sets meant to supplement the larger building kits and break up the table a bit.  The three main features I have to call out about the Plast Craft sets are:
1.  They're inexpensive
2.  They're easy to put together
3.  They seem pretty durable
All in all I highly recommend this stuff!

First up is the Rusted Barricades from their Post-Apocalypse collection.

I REALLY like these!  They were less than 10 minutes work to assemble and they are tabletop ready.  I'm considering getting a second set as I think they will be great for framing in areas or perhaps even building a whole junkyard (or ghetto Gorka Morka fort?).

Next is the Railway Prop set for Malifaux.

Unfortunately this is going to be the first set I have to say I'm not too impressed with.  Unlike the Rusted Barricades the wooden barricades that come in this set are only printed on one side, so from the back they are flat grey and untextured.  I also had some minor assembly issues that honestly wouldn't be a deal breaker for me but given that part of the appeal (for my anyway) with this stuff is how fast and easy it is to use I'm not sure that I'm signing up for extra assembly work.

All in all I'm still very happy with my purchases.  Each of these sets was under $20 Canadian and I'm sure they'll get used in dozens of games.  I've got a bunch more building kits to do so we'll see what's next!


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