Sunday, 20 March 2016

Gallus Prime and his support chickens

I finished 3 more of my Gallus Gallus for This Is Not A Test and got in my first few games today.

I used them as mutants with the wings mutation.  The figure with the helmet was my warband leader Gallus Prime, the missile launcher armed soldier is Boom Gallus and the spotter never actually made it into my force but I have an extra figure if I need him later.

I got in my first two games against the U.S. Department Of Agriculture (reclaimers) today and although I lost both games it payed a lot like Frostgrave where I didn't take any long-term crippling damage and in the end my warband is actually a bit better.

That's it for the Gallus Gallus, all six figures are done.  I've got some Hops and some Porkers up before my next This Is Not A Test game.


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