Sunday, 15 January 2017

If not the long arm, then the scatter gun of the law...

As part of my slow build on some dark and gritty for This Is Not A Test I got my first Peace Keeper Officer done.

Officers are the rank and file troopers on the Peace Keeper force list.  There will be a few more coming to the wasteland with a variety of gear but my first officer is wearing body armour and armed with his trusty pump action shotgun.

One of the things I like about the Peace Keeper models is that they do a really good job of blending the look of pre-war clothing (in this case a State Trooper uniform) along with some post-apocalyptic elements that make them feel like they truly are part of the setting they live in.

I'm really stoked about these figures and when Worlds End Publishing releases some more of the Peace Keepers they offered during the Kickstarter I'll be putting another order in.



  1. You could do one in red and call him Dudley Do-what-I-like...

    1. I was thinking of that.
      Reaper makes a model of a mountie...