Sunday, 1 January 2017

The Supreme Alliance grows!

Perhaps my New Year's resolution for 2017 should be to spend 5 minutes reading rules and stat cards before speaking about them.  During my first game of the new/current edition of Pulp City I was quickly reminded that this was not one of those read on the fly games and resolved to actually learn my stat cards before my next game.  Other than not optimising my use of my models' abilities it led to a more superficial even more embarrassing realisation, I've been repeatedly referring to my team by the wrong name.  They're NOT Team Breaker (that was their KS pledge name), they're not The Greatest Generation (which is how I referred to them in Ash's 'Learn To Play' video), their actual team name (as clearly stated on ALL their cards) is Supreme Alliance.

With that awkward confession out of the way please meet the newest member of the Supreme Alliance; Coldfire!

Coldfire adds one of the classic elements of superhero comics that has thus far been absent from the Supreme Alliance, a flyer.  In addition Coldfire works a little differently than my other supremes (that reading is paying off already!) but in a way I'm very familiar with from my Cryx forces for Warmachine, he can create/summon a flame fist which he can then use as an origin point for his abilities.  I'm pretty excited about tying this out as it means in theory he can tag objectives and civilians while still being slightly more flexible in terms of where and how he attacks.  

I've got two more 'core' members of the Supreme Alliance to get done (E.C.T.O. and Aquanaut) and then I'll be caught up on Pulp City......for a  while.


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