Thursday, 5 January 2017

Zombicide - Baldric

Baldric is another of the protagonist models for Zombicide Black Plague.  Many of the characters in Black Plague are grounded in historic medieval themes but Baldric is one of the more fantastically themed characters.  I don't recall any of his background text specifically calling him a wizard but that is what he is.

Baldric is an extremely well executed sculpt that feels very Gandalf-inspired.  From his flowing robes and long beard to the inclusion of a large (especially by wizard standards) sword.  The only bit missing to make him another Gandalf would be the pointy hat.

Much like my last post with the necromancer Baldric will be seeing his first action as a Druid in my Ravenloft game.  I also have to say now that I've painted him I'm really happy with how both figures look with brown robes, it's too easy and too much of a default to paint all evil wizards in black robes.  The necromancer is still a little skull and horn heavy to pass as a good wizard but I feel Baldric would work well in both roles.

I'm suddenly starting to feel a lot closer to being able to actually play Black Plague.  I may need to get off my butt and re-base those first zombies I painted last year...



  1. he dies too. Level 8 here I come.

    1. You might want to try to talk more than 50% of the group into showing up for a fight before the trash talking starts :)

  2. this is how you level so fast. Do it all yourself.
    Is’nt there an xp award for attendance?