Thursday, 19 January 2017

First civilian models/counters for Pulp City!

Greetings citizens!

I'm gearing up for my second Pulp City game this weekend with the cold war forces.  I'm looking forward to how a game plays when I've actually read up on what my models can do.

One of the bits of collateral missing from our last game was civilians.  In Pulp City civilians serve a number of purposes and function as objectives in many scenarios.  Pulp Monsters offers silhouette standees for citizens but I always thought proper models would blend better with the scenery and look cooler.

Years ago I bought a ton of Heroclix models with the intention of repainting them and using them for other games.  For more than 5 years that box has been a great source of figures for  a lot of games I've played and once more I'm diving back in for some civies.  Much like Les Impes I've actually already done this project once before on different bases but I enjoy doing them so doing a second batch is no big deal

My first batch of 8 are mostly re-paints although a couple were more touch ups on existing paint jobs.  What's kind of neat about these figures is that Heroclix doesn't actually have a use for "civilians" per se so 5 of these 8 figures are actually meant to be various superheroes in their secret identities.  Feel free to make guesses in the comments below.  I'll honour Silver Age tradition by acknowledging "no-prizes" for successful guesses.

In addition to the 8 above I have 2 more done that I photographed separately because I'm involved in some hobby challenges where I track "painted" figures and it would be a huge stretch  to claim I painted these.  Both were crisp enough out of the packages that I just re-based them and re-did the eyes.

So that means I have 10 civilians done so far for Pulp City.  In a perfect world I'll get 10 more done next week.



  1. For anyone making guesses, in the first picture the two heavyset guys in suits are just mobsters and the girl in the front in the short skirt was labelled I believe as "street walker" so no of those three are anybody's Secret Identity.

  2. banner top left
    stark with the briefcase? that's all I can guess off the top of my head went to do an image search after and first pic brought me 2 here ;)

    1. Winner for Banner!
      Stark is in the picture but he's not the guy with the briefcase, that's a DC comics character.

    2. then starks the top far right
      theirs a stark with a very similar pose with an armor briefcase as well

    3. Correct and correct.

      I actually have the Stark with briefcase as well, he might make round 2 of civilians