Saturday, 7 January 2017

The law is coming to the post apocalypse!

One of the things most miniature gamers experience at some point in their hobby journey is the moment where they want to play a game and when deciding on a force a single model makes the decision for them.  That moment where you find the miniature that on its own makes you want to play the game and collect that particular faction.

I mentioned in my previous post that part of my plan for This Is Not A Test for 2017 for for not every figure I paint to be a funny mutant animal and at some point to be able to field a 'serious' force.  I've really been enjoying the funny/scary animal mutants because as I've referenced time and time again I really enjoy the imagery of Gamma World, but now I want to get into the down and dirty of This Is Not A Test and immerse myself in the game's background rather than shoehorning my tastes into it.
Luckily for me when trying to decide on a faction as I eluded to in my intro there was a single model that made the choice easy for me; the Road Marshal.

How amazing is that miniature?  Look past my mediocre paint job and really look at the sculpt itself.  It's (in my opinion) the perfect symbol for the game it comes from; it has ample detail to excite and draw you in, but isn't so overly busy it gets tied up in style over substance.  From the gas mask, to the chaps, to the spurs this figure has piles of little details to make it feel like a real person without being cartoonishly over adorned with extra pieces.

The funny thing is I've loved this figure since I first saw This Is Not A Test over a year ago but I specifically stayed away from it and the Peacekeepers out of the mistaken impression that I would be playing a lot of games against these exact miniatures.  Its a weird path that leads you back to where you either started or meant to start sometimes.  When I originally back the Kickstarter for This Is Not A Test I did so at the 'rulebook only' level, then as things went on and I immersed myself in the community I simply decided I wanted to increase my pledge to provide more support to the project.  I already had the mutants so my choice was pretty much made for me.

I do have and do plan on painting the rest of the original Peacekeeper models to fill out my collection but I have a few other models from some other ranges I think should blend in as well.

I'm definitely looking forward to bringing the law to those who have it not.



  1. how many judge type figures do you have anyway between this dredd and arbities?