Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Project Scrapheap: Bloat Thrall

I've got some progress to report ALOT earlier than I expected.  After prepping my Machine Thrall for painting I starting looking through my backlog and unused models looking for more potential proxies for my new army.  I started off by going through all the stuff I had that used the same style bases thinking they were also likely to be closer to 30mm (or "heroic" 28mm) than other figs.  Surprisingly even though I have alot of Undead and Steampowered robots for Malifaux none of those quite worked, my Dark Age stuff was all too organic and not undead enough, I found of few potential Ex Illis pieces but the real treasure came when I dugout my Helldorado stuff.

Helldorado is a skirmish game that came out a few years back.  I bought into it with a friend but then he moved away and for a time the product was very difficult to get so none of my other gaming friends got into it.  So my Helldorado figures languished half painted in a box for about 4 years....until this morning.

In my opinion if you're going to proxy models your opponent should still be able to look at them on the tabletop and instantly figure out what they are.  So as great as it is to find things that somewhat convey what they are I find I generally want something that either looks spot on or couldn't possibly be anything else.  The great thing about this figure is that the reason I never painted a Bloat Thrall during my earlier time pianting Warmachine figures is that the Bloat Thrall miniature never appealed to me so finding a suitable proxy is a double win.  What also worked out in my favour is that I had half-painted the model before I put it away so when I found it it took me less than an hour to finish and base it!  So not only is my first model done but it's 2 more points that I hadn't figured into my list yesterday!

The model itself is the Damned Of Gluttony which comes as a 2-pack.  The first model is much smaller, being slightly larger than man-sized and then once it has consumed some opponents it grows to the model seen above.

It's great to catch a break on a project like this, now I jut need to get my paint brush back in hand and keep digging through the treasue trove.


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