Sunday, 28 April 2013

Project Scrapheap: Now slightly less "scrapheap-ey".....and Bloody Bradigan

I finished another model for Project Scrapheap today, but more interestingly (for me anyway) I found all the rest of the models I need and ended up with a themed force in the bargain.

About 7-8 years ago Games Workshop published a Zombie Pirate list in White Dwarf.  I thought it was awesome but I can also be painfully lazy when it comes to building and converting so I found a bunch of sources for zombie pirate miniatures elsewhere and placed a bunch of orders.  My biggest single order unfortunately did not work out at all as I had planned, I ordered a ton of zombie pirates from the Reaper Warlord line which all look fantastic, but are all way to big to fit in with Warhammer I put them away in a box....and forgot about them.....until yesterday!

So I have now revised my list and Skarre will in fact be leading a Cryx pirate force with a couple of other models thrown in to round things out.  My new list is:
-Bloat Thrall (from the Helldorado line)
-Machine Wraith
-Bloody Bradigan
-10 Revenant Crew Of The Atramentous (from the Reaper Warlord line)
-10 Revenant Crew Of The Atramentous (from the Reaper Warlord line)
-Revenant Cannon (from the Reaper Warlord line)
-Revenant Cannon (from the Reaper Warlord line)
*  This leaves me with 2 more points for a 35 point game.  I have a few other models I'm trying to choose from to finish it off.

I mentionned the other day that I was disappointed I couldn't use most of the Mercenaries I bought with my Cryx army but apparently I had bought 1 model who isn't too choosy about who he works for.  Bloody Bradigan is basically a brawling berzerker who fights for the sake of fighting.  Thematically I struggled to figure out why he would be hanging out with a Cryx force without any other pirates around but once I decided on the zombie pirates he sort of fit in with them.
He drinks your milkshake

Now that my force feels more coherent I'm definitely feeling alot of enthusiasm for the project and I can't wait for the zombie pirates to hit the table.



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