Monday, 22 April 2013


Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge zombie movie fan.  Not just since zombie movies became the rage but since the first time I saw Night Of The Living Dead on the late night horror show WKBW in Buffalo used to have on when I had rabbit ears on my TV.  I mention this to frame my next comment and avoid being accused of decending into hyperbole; Zombieland is the best zombie movie ever!  I have enjoyed alot of zombie movies over the years and Romero certainly broke new ground with his "Dead" series of films but Zombieland hits on all cylinders for me.  When it's tense,it's legitimately tense, when it's funny it is absolutely hilarious, when it's action time Woody Harelson manages to put the action heroes of the 90s to complete and utter shame, and it has hands down the best celebrity-as-themselves cameo in the history of movies.

Enough of my praise, back to miniatures.
As part of their line of modern post-apocalyptic survivors Studio miniatures released models of Tallahassee and Columbus from Zombieland.  These figures are not quite as iconic or spot on as the John McLane figure but they are still excellent figures of 2 great characters from a terrific film.
I was able to paint Columbus in about an hour sticking to basecoats ad washes but I put slightly more effort into Tallahassee as he was the nicer miniature and is ultimately more likely to see some regular use on the gaming table.

Also if nothing else I learned how to spell "Tallahassee" today.


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