Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Today a fierce barbarian joins the warband for Frostgrave!

The funny thing about getting this figure done is that for all my years playing D&D and Pathfinder I've never actually painted a barbarian before.  He's a pretty classically styled take on the character and he's one of those figures that seems to hit just the right balance between having a few extra details and textures without crossing the line into overdone.

That's one of my six needed miniatures from yesterday crossed off my list!

I actually painted this guy late last night (or early this morning) due to a bout of insomnia.  The upside of insomnia is that you can get some extra hobby work done, the downside is the no-sleep part.  Having said that I had time to get even more done last night but unfortunately the rest of the stuff I need for this week was unprimed so I couldn't work on it last night.  This did mean I worked on a few other pieces simply because they were primed and ready to go so I might have a few off-plan things getting finished up in the next couple of days.

Pre-weekend checklist:
1.  Barbarian for Frostgrave
2.  Soothsayer and Apprentice for Frostgrave
3.  Renegade and 2 Motorcycles for Dark Future

Crossing things off checklists is what separates us from the animals.


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