Sunday, 17 January 2016

These ARE the skeletons you're looking for

When I put up my project list last week I knew I was tempting fate, historically as soon as I declare I'm painting something I get distracted and don't get it done.  This time out I took a side-step for a slightly different reason.

I had planned on painting 6 Mantic Revenants as my armoured skeletons for Frostgrave however once I started painting them something hit me right away....these models are freakishly two-dimensional.  So I tossed them (literally threw them out) and started on some GW Skeletons I had hanging around.

Ultimately I want to replace these with Wights as they are more heavily armoured but I didn't have those on-hand so I worked with what I had.

Once again painting for Frostgrave seems to be moving me closer to getting my revised Vampire Counts for Age Of Sigmar done as well (that's actually why I painted 7 of them, I'm holding back 3 to do a command group later).

Hoping to get a couple more small things done this week, I've definitely fallen behind a bit in the last few days.



  1. you did at least keep the skeleton rats right those guys are awesome

    1. Yes I did, and the skeleton busting out of the ground.

  2. why don't you just use the armored skeletons you rebased for AoS recently?

    1. Because those skeletons live in Vancouver now.

      All the Vampire stuff I re-based and took out to BC with me in the fall stayed at Strategies Games & Hobbies when I left.

      Thinking ahead is not always my strong suit when it comes to hobby stuff.