Saturday, 9 January 2016

Sometimes the healing wizards could use a little extra healing help

Last night I finished my Apothecary for Frostgrave.  I decided to do a few things slightly different this time.  I went with a brighter colour palette than usual and did not paint him to match anyone else in my warband.

I also feel like he could be used as either a healer or some sort of merchant in a fantasy RPG.  It was another great addition to my miniature collection because even though I have a ton of figures he looks genuinely different from anything else in my collection.

                                                          *     *     *     *      *

As an update to how my actual games of Frostgrave have been going I just completed  the third Thaw Of The Lich Lord scenario 'Loot The Cart'.  In a 3 player game I had the worst outcome I've had in a single game of Frostgrave to date.  All but 2 of my 10 models were taken out of action (including both my wizard and apprentice) and I failed to secure a single treasure counter.  To add injury to insult my apprentice got smacked in the face hard enough to bust his jaw so he now has a further -1 penalty to all his casting rolls.

I think this outcome really highlights the inherent balance of the system and how well it scales as a campaign game.  Stan beat me fairly badly in the previous game as well and so far the real impact is that his wizard is a few (3 or 4 I can't remember) levels higher than mine and he has a few more cool items than I do.  When we actually put models on the table the game still plays evenly and I don't feel in anyway over matched. if I can just get the dice to co-operate in at least one game....


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