Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Some scatter terrain and a bear!

We all go through different journeys through hobby gaming.  Some people start with role-playing games, some with collectible card games, some with euro games and some with miniatures.  It can be funny how where you start can sometimes influence how you buy, collect and use hobby materials years later.

When I first got into hobby gaming it was via the role-playing game route which then transitioned into miniatures.  That meant that when I first starting buying stuff on a 12 year-old's restrictive budget I prioritised rulebooks, then some models and after that scenery/maps.  As someone who has now been collecting for years I find I rush to get new books, buy models steadily (don't we all), then grab up cool buildings and scenery kits.  In the past I always played game with a lot of figures on each side so my scenery focus tended to be on "full-sized" pieces (buildings, hills, forests, etc) , now that I'm skirmish gaming more often I've found I have tons of scenery but a lot of it is too big or doesn't work well together.  To that end I've really only in the last couple of years started adding scatter terrain to my collection.  A while back I showed the two ruined Undertaker's carts I had done as an example.  In each of those cart boxes came a second pieces (2 crates with a sack draped over them) which I just finished up.  I also painted up 4 cake pillars to use in the Storm Of Undeath scenario from Thaw Of The Lich Lord.  Having done those I think I'm going to buy a second set and do them as broken pillars.

While shopping at Michael's for cake pillars I also came across a small vinyl toy bear figure.  I've been looking for a bear for Frostgrave but they seem to be really difficult to find.  I repainted this guy as a polar bear and he seems to work just fine.  He's quite a big beast (that's a 60mm base he's standing on) so even though he has a friendly look on his face I'm assuming he'll be quite menacing on the tabletop.

All right, so here's the count down for this week.  All of this stuff is do-or-die, I need it for an assortment of games/events I'm participating in this weekend.
1.  Barbarian for Frostgrave (needs to be done by Friday morning)
2.  Soothsayer and Apprentice for Frostgrave (need to be done by Saturday morning)
3.  Renegade & 2 Motorcycles for Dark Future (need to be done by Saturday night)

Wish me luck!



  1. reaper just released their bear riding dwarf in the bones range shouldn't be to hard to pop her off if your looking for another one... though ive been contemplating grabing some of those plastic frogs from the dollar store to repaint as ice toads

    1. I actually just got 2 more similarly sized bears this past weekend!