Saturday, 23 January 2016

Hobby Treasures

I just got back from a four day business trip so my hobby activity has been a little light lately but I did get a few things I wanted to share with everybody.

A few years ago Gale Force 9 started releasing some box sets of resin D&D miniatures.  Their market position was that these are premium products and as such they came with premium prices.  I liked some of their sets but to be frank the prices seemed out-of-line with what was in the boxes so I never pulled the trigger on actually buying any of them.  Fast forward to earlier this week and I found myself at a game store in Baltimore that had their stock of GF9 D&D minis on sale for 50% off.  I decided to buy a couple and give them a try, I will say they are definitely worth buying at 50% off but I don't know that they're worth their full price.

I got the Beneath Baldur's Gate set planning on using 3 of the figures for Frostgrave and also I've also wanted a Wererat figure for quite a while.

Kleef Kenric seemed like he would make a good D&D character or captain for Frostgrave and his little friend seemed like he would be a good fit as an Igor type for just about an horror game.

When I got home I also had something fantastic waiting for in my mailbox.  A bunch of my buddies from back in Edmonton have an awesome podcast called Hobby Night In Canada and they have started producing some cool stuff for tourneys and cons.  Mike was good enough to hook me up with some of their awesome dice!

Last up I made a small purchase when I got home.  I bought the two e-pubs for Frostgrave (Sellsword & The Hunt For The Golem).  I'm pretty stoked because this gives me two new sets of scenarios to play through and the captain rules from Sellsword looks like they'll really add something to the game.

Okay.  Now I need to get back to getting my Soothsayer and Apprentice done before this Saturday.


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