Monday, 4 January 2016

One more soldier and one more monster for Frostgrave

A day late my first two models of 2016 are done!

After my last game I lost 3 of my cheapo starting soldiers and replaced them with a knight (Boromir from my previous post), an Apothecary (that I hope to have done before Friday) and this Marksman.  The Marksman is a significant upgrade over the Crossbowman he's replacing so I'm really looking forward to seeing how he does.

I also finished my third construct getting my Small Construct done.  The constructs were the first 'proper' Frostgrave models I bought but somehow they slid down my list of priorities and I'm only just finishing them now.

Before my next game I need to get my Apothecary done, but I had also forgotten that I need to get at least 3 Ghouls done so I've got at least 4 models I need to complete before I can get to my Rangifers.


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