Sunday, 28 August 2016

A few days ago I asked if Rad-Pigs were a thing, today I can confirm that they are!

Like most hobbyists there are tons of hobby projects I would like to do, but that doesn't mean I'm really all that motivated or energised.  The opposite end of the hobby spectrum is when I or a friend make an off-hand comment that we could do something and then it becomes an itch that I HAVE to scratch.

Lately I've been playing a bunch of games of This Is Not A Test by World's End Publishing and my mutant warband has a semi-Gamma World, semi-Animal Farm theme.  My buddy Ash and I were discussing how fun it would be to play one of the scenarios that's themed around a horde of zombies running wild in the apocalypse only with radioactive-mutant pigs instead of zombies.  It was one of those weird "what if" things that became a must do.  What was especially crazy about it (to me anyway) was that I'm sure over the years I've seen tiny plastic farm animal replicas literally everywhere but as soon as I had cash in my pocket and set out to find some they were nowhere to be found.  I'd completely given up finding the pig toys that I needed and then during a drive home from work I stopped into a hobby shop I hadn't been to in years to buy some spray paint and low and behold they had 18 or the 27 pigs I needed!

So now I'm officially back in the radioactive pig business!  The plan is to paint 20 basic rad-pigs and then 7 super-mutated-rad-pigs.  My first 10 basic rad-pigs are officially done!

I still need to find a few more pigs but I'm on the road for work this week so I'll fall into my usual pattern of trying to find toy/hobby shops near where I have to go and hope that have stuff I haven't been able to find locally.

Wish me luck!


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