Tuesday, 16 August 2016



In my area there is suddenly a ton of interest in the Marvel Miniatures game by Knight Models so for some reason that has translated into me wanting to paint DC characters for the Batman Miniatures game.

I finally finished Catman (so see, I did paint something brown) who is still one of my favourite DC comics characters.

With the addition of the Flash/Arrow supplement for Batman there is now a ton of support for the two CW network TV shows and the other chunk of content in the book is bringing some more comic teams into the game.  Catman is the leader of the Secret Six which as I have mentioned before was (pre-52) one of my favourite DC comics.  At this time there are only models for four members of the Secret Six; Bane, Catman, Deadshot & Mad Hatter.  The plan is to get Mad Hatter and Deadshot done over the next week or so and then transition to painting some members of the Suicide Squad which will both give me more figs to paint and be useful if I ever get around to running a DC Adventures RPG.


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