Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Fresh Prince Of Belle Reve

(I will literally NEVER get tired of referencing Suicide Squad to Fresh Prince Of Bel Air)

Tonight I got my third Secret Six member and first Suicide Squad member done; Deadshot.

Deadshot is a core member of the Secret Six who has been on every (pre-52) version of the team and is also one of the longest serving, most re-occurring members of the Suicide Squad.  In fact to my recollection his longest absence from the Suicide Squad since the mid 80s was the pre-52 period that he  spent with the Secret Six.

Deadshot has frequently been depicted as more of an amoral anti-hero than a true hero or villain throughout his career.  Typically if Deadshot is coming after you with intent to kill you probably deserve it.

There are currently two version of Deadshot available for the Batman game.  This one I believe is based on  the look of the character in one of the Arkham video games.  I'm not familiar with the series but his costume looks pretty radically different than this in every comic I've ever seen the character in.

I've got to be honest, I'm not 100% happy with how the mask turned out.  It definitely could have used a bit more work on my part but I was struggling with the overall lack of texture on the mask as compared to the rest of the figure.

I've got one more Secret Six model to paint and then I'm going to detour into the world of Marvel comics for a bit.


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