Thursday, 18 August 2016


I'm all over the road at this point.  My plan was to paint the Mad Hatter and then do Groot but I decided to skip ahead to Groot while I reconsider my painting priorities for the Secret Six and the Suicide Squad.  The irony being that once I was done and I started reviewing stats I'm actually fairly certain I can't play the Secret Six with the existing models unless I include Mad Hatter...irony.

Anyway Groot (if anyone reading this hasn't seen Guardians Of The Galaxy) is the Guardian resident 'brick'.  Which in superhero terms means he's the big strong guy who punches things.  Groot is basically a giant treeman so this is also I good reminder to get back to my Sylvaneth.

My one regret about collecting the Guardians Of The Galaxy is that in hindsight I wished I'd started with a bad-guy force for Marvel as well as that always has more RPG crossover potential.  Having said that if you're old (like me) you might remember that three of the Guardians five core members (Groot, Drax & Gamora) started off in comics as villains.  So depending on what era I set a game in Groot could still show up as a baddie.


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