Friday, 5 August 2016

Neuroshima Tactics, you're my latest 'why didn't I love you more when you were here?'

In addition to buying a bunch of  cool new figures for This Is Not A Test I've been digging through my backlog looking for denizens of the post apocalyptic wasteland.  Meanwhile there have been two figures sitting on the corner of my desk for close to 3 years now that never quite got to the top of my painting pile that are perfect for games of This Is Not A Test.

Neuroshima Hex had been a popular euro-style board game for years and a few years ago they decided to venture into the realm of tabletop miniature games.  The miniatures are AMAZING but for some reason they never caught on and were never widely available.  The game quickly (very quickly it seemed) went out of production and died a quiet undeserved death.

I was only able to get two Neuroshima Tactics figures before my retailer's supply chain dried up but they are going to be great for tons of different games.

Both figures are very nice but the one with the drum magazine on his weapon is absolutely covered in pouches, accessories and survival gear.

I feel like finding more of these awesome figures will be my white-whale for the next few years.  I know they're out there (somewhere) and I desperately want more.

As an aside with the rise in popularity of post-apocalyptic gaming I'm surprised no one has bought the production rights and molds and put these back into production under a different imprint.


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  1. Steve Fitzpatrick, if you're reading this I'll throw back to one of your earlier comments and point out that these would also be perfect for The Morrow Project :)