Sunday, 31 July 2016

My first figures for Wolsung SSG

Today I painted the starter box for the Inventors faction for Wolsung SSG.

Wolsung is a steampunk-fantasy-skirmish game that I would say falls halfway between Malifaux and Warmachine in terms of being low vs. high fantasy.  Wolsung feels a lot more grounded than either of those other systems but also includes 'classic' fantasy races (elves, dwarves, gnomes...especially gnomes, etc).  I just downloaded the free rules from Micro Arts Studio's website so I don't know much about it mechanically yet but I know it looks cool.

I started off by painting the Inventors starter box and that's probably exactly what I'll use in my first game.  I have three more single figures (and another one on order) I can paint once I've had some time to digest the rules and figure out what next should look like.

The leader of my inventors team is Thorvald Nielsgaard.  As far as I can tell the two most important things about Thorvald are that he has a giant punchy-fist and that he's Scandi-weigan.

Next up is Alice Tinkerly.  What's funny to me about Alice is that when you collect miniatures you buy a lot of similar stuff (I own multiple lines of space cops for example) but usually that's because it plays to one of your interests.  Somehow unintentionally I've ended up with at least four different steampunk-lady-mechanics for four different systems.

There is also an unnamed lab assistant who seems to be posed like a left-handed baseball pitcher.  The lab assistant also allows me to bring the purple-drank into another one of my miniature collections.

Last but definitely not least are the models that made me choose the Inventors as my starter; the lab golems.  To be honest when I first looked at the box I assumed they were Tuxedo-bots which just seemed like the coolest thing ever.

The other thing I'm stoked about with the Wolfsung figures is that some of my friends keep talking about playing Through The Breech and all of these figures would work for that as well.

It's super-humid outside today so my next choice of paint project will be based on whatever is already primed on my desk.


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