Sunday, 10 July 2016

First two Imperial Trencher squads done!!

Of my first two time-sensitive projects from the start of the week the first one is now done!!

Ten Imperial Trenchers for WarZone.  Trenchers are the basic line infantry of the Imperial (British themed) mega-corporation.

Once I get the two Imperial NCOs and Universal Carrier I have done my buddy Ash and I will be giving the new beta playtest rules for WarZone a try.

The Trenchers were cool figures to paint although I have to admit I struggled a bit with their Imperial shoulder flashes.  Either those things used to big bigger on Heartbreaker's metal models for WarZone or in my old age (this is way more likely) I'm starting to really struggle with fine details.

I've got some daytime activities planned with Zoe and then hopefully I'll get my four Brahmin finished tonight.


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