Sunday, 17 July 2016

Black Squadron Security employs only the best in hired goons

Late (very late) last night, or perhaps early this morning depending on your definition I got my next two security officers done for Broken Contract.  If the last two were examples of reason and moderation these next  two are not.

Overseer Wire Billins is a petty tyrant of a man with something of a Napoleon complex.  He generally enjoys using his baton on miners and their families and is a pretty classic example of a conventional bully.

Lamal Tulson is a gunner for Black Squadron which means he is more heavily armed than most officers and his job is to use his scatter gun to stop Breakers who breach the lines of conventional security forces with their batons and shields.  Tulson has a reputation for being an exceptionally cold man who follows his orders without question.

Again as with my previous Broken Contract security officers these could do double duty as Peacekeepers for This Is Not A Test and I'd have to math it out but I'm pretty sure at this point if I did one more figure I'd have a starting force done.

Got one more WarZone fig to finish tonight and then a week of extra hobby time is next!


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