Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Broken Contract - Officer Hickley

Last night I got my first miniature for an awesome new game, Broken Contract done.  Officer Hickley is an example of the worst the forces of Black Squadron Security have to offer.  Officer Hickley is a bully who relishes the opportunity to lay either his boots or his baton into the mine workers he 'oversees'.

Broken Contract is a game set in a future where mankind has reached the stars in search of new lands and new resources, a journey that started with an optimistic view towards a universe of opportunities but where corporate employment contracts have effectively created a new generation of indentured servants.  As people reach their breaking points as a result of poor pay, unsafe working conditions and mistreatment by their employers some choose to break their contracts and risk everything for a taste of freedom.

The two initial forces for the game are The Breakers which represent the miners and their families attempting to throw off the shackles of the corporation to earn their freedom and the men and women of Black Squadron Security who are employed to keep workers in line and violently put down any worker uprisings.

I'll be working through the forces of Black Squadron Security first as in addition to Broken Contract I will be using them as Peacekeepers in my games of This Is Not A Test.  Once I'm done those I will also be painting The Breakers which have some truly exciting figures that are to my mind some of the most unique and interesting sci-fi figures I've seen in a long time.

More on Broken Contract to come...


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