Wednesday, 13 July 2016

More security officers for Broken Contract

I had an opportunity to paint two more security officers for Broken Contract last night during the All-Star game.  As an aside if I'd had an actual shock baton in my hand while some idiot was butchering my national anthem I might have made some bad choices.

It's funny how sometimes you sit down to paint something you have a massive collection of (in my case space-cops and security officers) and you suddenly realize you have something in your hand that is surprisingly poorly represented in that collection.  In this case female security officers.

The first addition is Naria Anlika.  I mentioned the other day that Officer Hickley represented the worst Black Squadron had to offer, Officer Anlika on the other hand represents the true middle of the road.  She is moderate in her approach to her duties Officer Anlika prefers to start things off by trying to reason and discuss conflicts with people but she does know where the 'on' button is on her shock baton when it's go time.

Next up is Sarie Moerta.  Sarie is a young eager officer who's parents bought (read as bribed) her way out the need to serve a hard labour contract.  She was accepted in Black Squadron and now has a world of possibilities ahead of her.

So far the team is looking pretty good.  On one hand they look fairly uniform, on the other hand they all have enough slight variations to make them stand out as individuals.

I'll be looking at a two day break from Broken Contract as I circle back to finish my Imperial WarZone starter and get some special caravaners done for This Is Not A Test <oink oink>.


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