Saturday, 23 July 2016

Some Hogs for many if not all seasons

It's fun when you're playing a narrative campaign to decide on scenarios well ahead of time as it lets you customise your figures an build any scenery you need to fit the situation.

A little while back I painted four Mootant Cows for the Caravan scenario for This Is Not A Test, in addition to the pack animals the caravan also needs six guards.  For my six guards I decided to stick with my animal theme and do up some Hog-men.

These figures will be incredibly multi-use for me.  In addition to being my caravan guards they could also be a new type of Feral Mutant for me for This Is Not A Test.  They could easily stand in as Porkers for Gamma World and they might (probably will) be the starting  point for my new Gorka Morka gang.

I atually just let  myself get talked into starting another game so I should have some entirely new and different miniatures next week.


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