Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Eyes in the sky

My next two models for Broken Contract once again represent something that's otherwise missing from my miniature collection that I'm a bit surprised by, drones.

The use of drones has become very common in the modern world so I would assume their usage will carry forth into our sci-fi universes but outside of servo-skulls in Warhammer 40,000 I don't actually see a lot of drone miniatures out there.  But enough of my droning on (see what I did there) on to the models.

In Broken Contract drones are both used for observation and they all carry a (usually) less-than-lethal weapon.  The drones have the options for either a sonic weapon which causes disorientation in the target or a taser which straight up zaps people.

I've got two models left for my Black Squadron, which  I suspect I'll get to next week, and then after that I'm going to get started on the Breakers.


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