Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Hobby Grab Bag - What can brown do for you?

I did something this past weekend that I haven't done in a long time.  I sat down and spent some time building models.  That probably sounds silly given that I obviously get a reasonable number of models built but because I've painted to many single figures over the past 3-4 years I usually just put them together while washes or drying or something like that.  This weekend I built 2 ACTUAL "units" (I honestly don't remember the last time I did a whole unit at once) with the plan of painting them this week.

Another oddity cropped up while I was prepping units to paint that I noticed is something that has frequently happened with me in the past.  I'm painting two completely different units for two completely different games but without planning it I'm using extremely similar colour palettes for both projects.   Back in my GW days I would frequently be painting 40K and Warhammer units at the same time, and because I played the Blood Angels for 40K and the Vampire Counts for Fantasy I would often be painting two forces that had nothing in common that were none-the-less; Red, Black & Metal.

This time around I am starting a completely new Age Of Sigmar army instead of going back to the Vampires.  The Vampires have been great and I still really love the background and the models but to be honest every time I play them I feel like I'm really just using an 8th ed Warhammer army in a new game system.  So I decided I wanted something (for me anyway) fresh and new.  Enter the Sylvaneth army.  The argument could be made that the Sylvaneth army is really just an updated to the Wood Elf army but the fact that the new list is comprised entirely of animated tree spirits makes it feel otherworldly and like something that fits into a time of legends for me.
I'll be starting off with a unit of 16 Dryads and assuming that goes well there are more Dryads and Treemen coming!

So having established that my first unit will be heavily Brown and Green I'm also going to be painting some basic infantry for Konflikt 47 which may ultimately do double duty in games of Bolt Action.  I assembled 10 Warlord Games British  Infantry and gave them the gas-mask heads from Westwind Productions Secrets Of The Third Reich to make them look a little more science-fictiony.
I'm still not 100% decided on whether they're be commandos or paras but I'm leaning towards paras if for no other reason than to add some colour to them.

Well there you have it.  Either my first attempt in years to batch paint will be super-productive or it will call out why I switched to single models in the first place.


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