Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Gamma World!

A little while ago I was playing in a Gamma World campaign with a few friends and it gave me a great opportunity to paint up some cool figures I wouldn't otherwise have had much of a use for.  I find using miniatures for role-playing really adds to the game and lets a gamer work on some small projects in between collecting vast hordes of figures.

Shown here in ths shot are 3 of our 4 party members.  Sig who was a gesalt being made up of many tiny golden statues, Rocky who was....well made of rock, and Commander Alpha a sort of Captain America meets Team 7 character.  We also had a party member named Hell Kitty but I no longer have that miniature so she wasn't available for our group shot.

I expect to use these miniatures to represent other characters in either another sci-fi (or super hero?) RPG or some sort of post-apocalyptic skirmish game.

Thanks for checking in

If this is what the 'heroes' look like you can just imagine the bad guys!

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