Sunday, 23 September 2012

Works in progress.....

Well it looks like hobby A.D.D. is back with a vengence!  I have 4 projects on the go right now so suddenly alot of hobby work is being done but not alot of figures are getting finished.

First up a friend and I have decided to give the Fallout Warfare rules a try and are painting up some forces now.  I thought mercs (think Talon Company or Reily's Rangers from Fallout 3) might be cool so I'm working on UAMC Infantry from Defiance Games.  I'll be starting with a test of 3 basic trooper models before I move onto anything more elaborate.

For my second project.....well, it looks like I warmed up to the Judge Dredd model I painted last night so I've got a few more Judges on the way.  If I'm still excited after those are done then Lawmasters will be next!

For my third (and seemingly never ending) project I'm going to add some Wargames Foundry SWAT models to my zombie survivor collection.

My fourth project appears in all 3 of the pics tonight but is 2-3 weeks away from completion, unlike the rest of this stuff which shouldn't take more than 2-3 nights of painting.  I'll talk more about it and what it's for when I've got more to show.

Thanks for checking in

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