Saturday, 22 September 2012

Often times I draw inspiration for gaming from movies, comics, video games, etc.  During one of those Google searches someone like me does after walking out of a movie theatre and thinking they want to game a scene they just saw I came across a company called Recreational Conflict that makes some really cool miniatures.

After a few touch-ups and some work on my new back drop you should be seeing the Resident Evil inspired miniatures I bought from them but in the meantime I wanted to share some of their zombie miniatures with you.


Group shot.  If I re-call correctly this is the contents of 2 of their generic zombie packs (they also do themed packs)
Three of the cooler more interesting zombie sculpts from Recreational Conflict.  The one in the center actually comes with a surf-board with a huge chunk bitten out of it but it didn't fit with my basing scheme so I left it off.
Three more excellent Recreational Conflict zombies.  I think it's great when a batch of figures really go together and create back-story simply by being together in a collection.

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