Friday, 28 September 2012

Welcome to Plasticville Part 2

Tonight we return on our tour of Plasticville with my newest addition; the Plasticville Diner!  I have to confess that as much as I set out to create a set of scenery for my upcoming Fallout games this diner will probably end up doing double-duty in Racoon City as well.

The diner is the kit that really first drew me to the Plasticville line.  In addition to being an almost perfect match in terms of size, shape and overall appearance with the ruined diners you come across in Fallout 3 it has just enough of the right design elements to also put me in mind of the diner where Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield first meet in the opening cinematics for Resident Evil 2.

The diner was a quick easy paint job that I think gives a satisfying result and should look great on a tabletop.

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Plasticville Diner (Albert Wesker shown for scale)

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