Friday, 28 September 2012

Welcome to Plasticville Part 1

Recently my friend Stan and I have decided to try doing some skirmish gaming in the Fallout universe.  One of the things I have always found keeps games in general fresh but is extra important when gaming a new setting is new and appropriate scenery.  We've all been to people's houses or game stores where every battle is fought over the same 3 generic hills with the odd tree mixed in to spruce things up (sorry, I couldn't resist that) and honestly I've always felt like it takes away from the fun of wargamming.

So, on the subject of Fallout I was checking out the Lead-Adventure Forum (which is awesome by the way) and they had a fantastic idea for Fallout scenery; Bachman (model train company) O-Scale plastic buildings.  They all have this great America in the 50's vibe that works really well for Fallout and O-Scale seems like a decent fit with 25mm gaming miniatures.

I built 9 kits the other night and I've got 2 of them finished so far so have a look and let me know what you think!

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House under construction (Rebecca Chambers & Chris Redfield shown for scale)
Plasticville Hospital (Jill Valentine & Barry Burton shown for scale)

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