Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Hobby Grab Bag: Now with 100% less theme!

I'm all over the map this week...and this stuff doesn't even include the Lord Of The Rings Elves I'm trying to finish....

First up I've made a little bit of progress on my Pathfinder Goblins.  I'm contacting my players tonight about picking a date to play so I need to get serious and get these guys finished.

Next a friend of mine recently let me look through his Warzone Resurrection rules so I'm eager to play!  I've got a Capitol army list I can use and the Imperial rules aren't out yet but a new version of a game feels like it calls for a new army so I've decided to start a Bauhaus army.  To be 100% honest I always knew I was going to end up painting a Bauhaus army when I started painting my 'space fascists'  but now I've got an actual structure to apply it to.  I'm going to start off with 600 points and I'm kicking that off by painting 2 squads of Hussars.  These should fit in with the Wargames Factory Greatcoats I painted awhile back so more to come on this shortly.

This next project is less motivated by short term need or game use and is more about trying some new products out.  I need an unarmed Steamjack for my Witchfire Trilogy game (eventually) but when I was at my local comic shop last weekend they had the new Citadel Technical Paints in.  I want to try out the Nihilakh Oxide and the Typhus Corrosion and this fig will let me do both!  The figure itself is a Cygnar Heavy Jack from the Grind game.

The last figure I want to call attention to is extra special.  My 7 year old daughter has decided she wants to paint her first miniature to play a game with and after deciding that a magical fey princess is the perfect character for her try out a stripped down version of D20 with we picked out this Ex Illis model from their core game.  She'll be getting painted up tonight in our first daddy-daughter painting session!

Hopefully I'll have some finished models to show off before the week is out.



  1. I had nearly the same Christmas experience (minus Cat being able to paint. She's still working on holding her head up). Hasslefree, Black Scorpion and old Rackham made it through my painting queue, along with fixing all my Zombie scenery that got trashed in my move. :(

    1. Somehow old Rackham stuff is front and center in a lot of my painting all of a sudden. I'm really wishing I had bought ALOT more Griffon faction stuff when I had the chance.

    2. I've been lucky enough to know some folks to scrounge odds and ends from. I've got some Deathdealers coming from Germany and hopefully some Wing Troopers coming from Alberta. :) I found the Open Chassis UNA Tac Arm and a FireCrawler on-the-cheap online.

      They really were great figures and are a lot of fun to repaint. Glad I've found a reason to give them new life!

    3. Unfortunately for me I'm looking for older (metal) Rackham stuff. I actually got all the AT-43 models for 2 factions (UNA and whatever the space Russians were called) but I'm trying to scrounge up 1st gen unarmoured Griffon figs to fit into Pathfinder and Iron Kingdoms.

  2. Daddy-daughter painting sounds like pure awesomeness. :)

  3. Daddy-daughter painting will be great. Our eldest (now 15) says I made her into a Nerd!

  4. Daddy daughter painting was AWESOME! Zoe finished her first model in about an hour and she loved it! She's already asked me for more
    Update coming later tonight!

  5. I've been about as eclectic - Flames of War, Forge World, Infinity, random old Citadel familiar I found, some Hobbit figs too somewhere...
    And I'm glad Zoe loved the painting! Now you have someone to help basecoat! :D