Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Zoe's World: Faerie Princess

Last night's daddy-daughter painting session was a huge success! 

My 7 year old daughter Zoe got her first model completely painted in just about an hour and had such a great time doing it that as soon as it was done she asked me when she could do her next one.  I am super-impressed because as any of you with kids or who work with kids may know at 7 sometimes patience and focus are not where they need to be to do something like this.  First up lets take a look at Zoe's model.  She will be using this figure to play in a stripped down D20 game because she also mentioned she wanted to try one of daddy's games.

So let me start by answering the obvious question which is; how much did I help/do?  I got the paint on the neck, I touched up a few spots where the purple got onto the red and the red got onto the purple, I painted the dagger...and that's it, the rest is all her. 

This all got started because Zoe wants to participate in some of the things I do with my leisure time and she loves little figures (she has a ton of my surplus Heroclix on her dresser).  I'm also really excited to using gaming to help her with her basic math skills and sneak in a little teaching on the side.

Here's a question for me to throw back out to the rest of you; can you recommend figures that meet the following criteria to help grow and build Zoe's collection?
-no overly fine pieces that stick out
-"appropriate" for a 7 year old
-any genre

That does it for me for right now, but painting with her I was able to get another one of my projects done so that will shoe up here later today.



  1. Get her a void sirens dreadball team. They even have all of their clothes on!

  2. Buy Mice & Mystics for her! There are two "female" (mice) characters and the game is made for ages 7 and up. Karoline loves it.

  3. I would suggest Super Dungeon explore! Lots of female and critter figures and they're done in an exaggerated 'Cute' chibi style that's cartoony and easy to block paint.

    The box is about a hundred bucks but you'd get a TON of stuff to do a stripped down D20 adventure with her (kobolds, monsters etc).

    Half the females are hero, all are kid friendly and the rest are androgenous anime types you could just say are girls anyway. ;) Unless they have a beard or something...


  4. This might be a good RPG for you to try.
    Little Wizards.

    I sell it to parents wanting to introduce their kids to RPGs