Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Zoe's World: Miss Kitty

After two more daddy-daughter painting session Zoe has produced her next masterpiece; Miss Kitty.

Miss Kitty is a Black Scorpion miniature from their line for old west gaming.  She looks like she would also be a good fit for Malifaux or possibly for a character in any Gothic or Victorian setting.

Miss Kitty was based using Zoe's favourite model paint Citadel Xereus Purple, which is the same colour that was used on the cape of her previous fey princess.  Again I provided very little help just doing a few touch-ups on the dress in the area around the bows.

Thanks to everybody who either here or on Facebook made suggestions for games and/or miniatures for Zoe.  She's actually staying away from the cartoony stuff (for now anyway) so I ended up ordering her a couple of the Reaper Bones figures to work on and she's got a super heroine primed up on my painting desk now.



  1. Awesome! That model might work in an upcoming RPG I'm running too. Might need to add that to my order.

    Well done Zoe!

  2. Its a great pack for RPGs Jordan. The other figs are a doctor, a blacksmith and a bartender.