Friday, 10 January 2014

Oh Rackham, why didn't I appreciate you more when you were here?

I put together and painted another NPC for my Witchfire Trilogy game and once again dipped into my now dwindling pile of Confrontation miniatures.

Before I get to the fig itself I have to say I feel like I've  missed a huge opportunity.  When Confrontation first came out I bought some figures but I really didn't like the game play so I didn't stick with it.  I still bought the occasional cool looking miniature but without the focus of a game to play them with my purchases were a little scatter shot.  Now that I'm looking at gaming a fantasy/steampunky setting I wish I'd bought all the Confrontation figures I could have laid my hands on.  What a great well sculpted range with tons of character, and as a bonus their proportions mean they fit relatively well anywhere between 25 and 30mm.

Today's figure is noteworthy because he was originally released (to the best of my recollection) as an exclusive limited edition French language only sneak-peek into what the Hybrid line on miniatures was going to look like.  For my purposes he's a stern looking guy in a heavy leather coat with an over sized sword and a cool tri-barrel pistol.

It's interesting to me that my campaign is shaping up to have a mix of retro-styled (Otherworld) and next gen (Rackham, Privateer Press) miniatures and they all feel right together.


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