Sunday, 12 January 2014

Thunderwicket and the new Technical Paints

I finished up my antiquated, poorly-maintained Warjack last night and while I was at it I experimented with two of the new Citadel Technical Paints.

First up Thunderwicket itself.  If I end up needing it in my game Thunderwicket is an old out-of-date and poorly kept up Warjack that has been retrieved from an unsavoury part of the city of Corvis.  I started off by painting Thunderwicket in basic Cygnar colours and then went back over it to weather and distress it.

So let me give you my two-cents on the two Citadel Technical paints I tried out while painting this model:
NIHILAKH OXIDE; I liked the effect I got from the Oxide paint but to be perfectly honest I was still a little underwhelmed.  Years ago while doing a big table for Games Day I got an almost identical effect from watering down Hawk Turquoise.  So even  though it works fairly well  I just didn't find it really represented anything 'new' under the sun.  I would also recommend anyone using it dilute it before applying because I found it a bit thick for what I wanted, though to be fair that could just be me.
TYPHUS CORROSION; My experience with this was the exact opposite to the oxide paint.  WOW!  This stuff is absolutely fantastic, my only failure with this model is that I used too much, but that's a learning for me not a short-coming with the product.  The colour and density is great and the grit in the paint/wash really gives the model a terrific corroded texture as opposed to just looking dirty.  I can't recommend this paint highly enough!



  1. I'm in the same boat Jay - I LOVE the new Typhus Corrosion! It's a little pot of miracles.
    In regards to the Oxide, did you try wiping it off like they suggest in the video? I got similar effects too with watered down Hawk Turqoise, but I never got the "dull" effect that the Oxide provides when you wipe it off. Makes it looks worn out and "lusterless". It's not perfect, but it's a bit better than painting it on like I tried the first time.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Jordan. I did try wiping it off but still ended up in the same boat.
      Like I said though I do like it, I'm just not entirely convinced it merits being thought of as truly new.

    2. Very true, I think you're actually the person who showed my the Hawk Turqoise (now tons of Medium and Sotek Green) trick.
      Have you tried Blood for the Blood God yet? I've had the most fun with it so far. Globs, sprays, splatters and streaks all dry differently. It's good fun!

  2. I haven't tried Blood For The Blood God yet but I think I'll be picking up a pot this week. I've got to say that I've been really impressed since the release of the Foundation Paints with how GW keeps trying new things in their paint range.