Wednesday, 15 January 2014

I have the attention span of the dog from Up.....SQUIRREL!

.....I feel like I should be standing up in front of a group called "Miniatures Anonymous" admitting I don't know why I keep passing out and waking up in piles of hobby projects.....

So the other day I was playing a very enjoyable game of Lord Of The Rings (which continues to be my all time favourite GW game), with my work-in-progress Elves facing off against a force of dwarves.  It was good fun and reminded me that I should play more Lord Of The Rings this year instead of constantly hoping from fantasy skirmish system to fantasy skirmish system.
and this is how my troubles always start...
My opponent mentioned early on during our game that he had collected his dwarf force with the intention of gaming his way through the Shadow And Flame scenario pack but had never found a goblin player to play against.  I immediately said "if you don't mind me using goblins from The Hobbit instead of Moria goblins I'm sure I can make the bad guy force".
and this is how my troubles always start...
A few minutes later I realised 'oh, but I don't have a Cave Troll', luckily my friend had an unpainted Cave Troll he was willing to give me.
A few more minutes go by and I realise 'oh, the goblins from The Hobbit don't have bows or shields', that's okay he's got 5 sprues of Moria Goblins I can have too.

So somehow I had gone from a plan to paint 48 miniatures I already owned and could get out of my backlog to getting 60 new miniatures I was going to paint to play 4 games.  I realise the only real hitch was I was still going to need Durburz, Goblin Shamen and a Goblin Drum.  I had also offered to give my friend any unpainted LOTR dwarves I had in return so when I got home I opened a figure case I had with 'LOTR Dwarves' written on it and this is what I found inside....

So I guess the point of my story is; my name is Jay and I think I may have a problem.



  1. I think Durburz ate your dwarves!

    Also, SUPER jealous. I love the new Hobbit rules set for LOTR, and it's my all time favourite game-that-isn't-Mordheim. But my gaming group never seems to do more than talk about it.