Saturday, 5 January 2013

Dwalin & Balin

Back to the dwarves!  I took a break from; dark grey, dark blue and black to paint some of the more brightly coloured members of Thorin's Company this week.

I liked both of these figures for completely different reasons.  Balin was great because I got him done in under an hour which made me feel like I was getting my painting-legs back under me again and Dwalin was fantastic because he is simultaneously a cool character in LOTR but also looks like exactly the dwarf miniature I always wanted for roleplaying.

I now have 5 of the 13 dwarves of Thorin's Company done as well as Bilbo and Gandalf.  This week I'm finally playing my long awaited and repeatedly delayed second game of Fall Of The Necromancer so that coupled with the fact that Tuesday night/Wednesday morning look like they may be spent watch Dredd 3D again means the dwarves will probably be moving to the back-burner for a week.

By the way.   For anyone watching The Hobbit and thinking "I don't remember that from the book" alot of it ties in nicely with Fall Of The Necromancer so if you can lay your hands on a copy I highly recommend it!


Balin & Dwalin

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