Thursday, 3 January 2013

Would you like to know more?

At the beginning of February I'll be kicking off my latest painting bet with Darren.  It will be a race to see whether he can finish 50 Skaven before I can finish 50 Light Mobile Infantry.  We're also looking to corral a few others into joining us but the basic gist of our challenge this time around is; first person to complete 50 trooper models after the starting gun goes off wins.

I've decided to do the Light Mobile Infantry because I bought them years ago and just never got around to doing them because the Starship Troopers game just never caught on with any of my gaming groups.  Having said that I still really like the models and think they make excellent generic sci-fi infantry for any setting or system (does anybody remember the episode 'The Train Job' from Firefly?)

The true goal for me will be to complete nine ten-man squads.  So during the ramp up to the actually painting-bet I will be painting a few test models as well as hopefully getting some of the support (leaders, snipers, radio-men, etc) models done so that the big batch represents the end rather than the beginning of my goal.

Wish me luck!


Test models

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  1. I've recruited Carmin. He plans to add to his high elf force. I might be able to get one more.

    Here are the rules.
    - 50 infantry figs
    - Start from primer coat.

    Take pictures and cc them to the painting group. Jay you can do Blog entries on everyone’s progress.

    You win, when you email a picture of the completed figs to the other participants.

    Loosers paint a ogre sized or smaller miniature
    for the winner.

    Contest starts Sunday Feb 3rd.