Monday, 21 January 2013

Nick Furious!

I decided to take a break from full-on painting today to do another Clix touch-up.  Fixing up that SHIELD agent the other day got me to thinking about more figs I could use in survival (as opposed to superhero) games and again the Avengers Movie Heroclix had a perfect figure for the task; Nick Fury.

There have been a ton of Nick Fury figures in the Heroclix line over the years but even their first pass at Ultimate Nick Fury still looked like it wouldn't fit in the real world (he's posed firing an AR-15 with 1 hand).  However I thought the Avengers Movie Nick Fury was perfect as an action hero/survivor sort of figure.  With his black tactical gear and black coat he's the epitome of cool and he looks like he'd be at home in any near future setting.


Just dial 1-800-FURIOUS


  1. I tried the number, Fury aint't there. Just some dude telling me to watch snakes on plane.

    1. I'm going to re-watch Snakes On A Plane now!