Friday, 4 January 2013

Yet another source for Space Cops (atleast 1 space cop)

In my never ending goal to bring order to an assortment of dark futures I've collected alot of different space cop forces (Judges, Arbites, Enforcers, etc) but in almost every case those figure ranges tend to be smaller than normal for an "army" sized game.  This frequently leads to looking about through other ranges for figures that look like they fit in to fill rolls not already represented by miniatures.

As I've been working on my new Enforcers I've gone through my older figures looking for figs I had aquired with the intention of integrating them into my collection.  A few years ago there were a number of  fan written lists for Arbites armies in 40K and one of the character options that kept turning up was a Detective or Inspector of some sort.

The old VOID miniature range had alot of excellent models (I highly recomend checking it out if you're looking for sci-fi RPG figures) and one of them seemed perfectly suited to what I needed.  She's more lightly armoured than the main Arbites/Enforcer figures and her armour and bodysuit look a little more advanced than Imperial technology but I definitely think she works and until my conversion skills improve substantially she's as close as I'll get to a Shira Calpurnia miniature.

Oh, and don't forget; Dredd is out on Blu-Ray and DVD in 4 more days :)


A futuristic female cop who DOESN'T look like Cassandra Anderson

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  1. hmmm looked over the void models. Picked a few to add to my Rogue Trader game. Thanks for the suggestion!