Sunday, 6 January 2013

Is he the hero Gotham needs, or the hero Gotham deserves?

So today on Facebook I posted the idea that in The Dark Knight Rises the only thing that defines the fact that Bane is the villain is that Bane kills people and Batman does not.  Obviously I was mostly just joking but then I got to thinking about it.....and here's my score card (based only on The Dark Knight Rises):

BATMAN-helps a criminal escape from doing prison-time in exchange for sexy-time.
BANE-helps a young girl escape from  prison she did nothing to end up in in exhange for a beating from his fellow prisoners.
BATMAN-uses terror to motivate the criminals of Gotham into behaving themselves.
BANE-uses terror to motivate the citizens of Gotham into living free (sort of).
BATMAN-builds a secret nuclear reactor under Gotham city unbeknownst to the authorities or any nuclear regulatory agency.
BANE-weaponizes nuclear reactor, takes it on a bus tour of the city.
BATMAN-in collusion with Jim Gordon passes draconian crime bill under false pretenses to rob the accused of their due process.
BANE-in collusion with the Batmobile liberates the questionably imprisonned from Batman's gulag.

Now obviously (I hope obviously) this is a very tongue-in-cheek comparison of the 2 characters but it got me thinking back to Batman's closing dialogue from the previous movie which is far too convoluted for me to quote word-for-word about 'not being the hero Gotham wants, but being the hero Gotham needs, etc, etc'.

So without further ado, I present to you Gotham City's PERFECT crime-fighting hero!



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