Monday, 28 January 2013

First 2 test models done!  Would you like to know more?

This Friday I begin my newest painting bet with Darren and Carmin; the first one of us to complete 50 troop models wins and the 2 losers have to paint a figure for the winner.

My plan as I mentionned in a previous entry is to paint 52 Starship Troopers Light Infantry Troopers.  I wanted to sort out how I would be using my paints before hand so I primed up 4 figures and tried a variety of ways of achieving the look of the troopers in the movie and in the end I'm happy with what I ended up with.  Now the real question is can I get all 52 of them before Darren and his cheater dip paint a huge block of Skaven?  I'd trash talk Carmin as well but I'm not sure what he's painting yet.


Basic easy to paint sci-fi troopers


  1. SUNDAY paint challenge starts Sunday.

    Trying to jump the gun? Sheezzzz

  2. Oops, sorry bro.
    I thought we were starting February 1st.
    Works out for me, I haven't stuck my guys in their bases yet :)

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